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Zakariya Amataya: Book of Haikus



Zakariya Amataya : Book of Hikus


Lazy afternoon looks
                                      Like a morning
no sunshine on my window.


A young man looks
  like a dog
Barking at plane.


the sun sleep
in mountain hug.


The coffee pot
boiling on the sun
I am waiting lonely morning.


Last night
earthquake in my head
nothing can relief only sleep.


Morning came
I spread my wings wide
open to the morning light.


Bamboo leafs
green and yellow
winter wind blowing like a storm.

First appear > December 11,2007 


                                                      Picture :

“Above all, a haiku should be very simple and free of all poetic trickery and make a little picture and yet be as airy and graceful as a Vivaldi pastorella.” —Jack Kerouac

No butterfly at stairway to underground


                                           Butterfly by Taro 416


No butterfly at stairway to underground 

There are footprints


                  walk down to

the forbidden path.  

There are no light

                            and no lamp

so there are no butterfly too

at stairway to underground

Lonely footstep

                       echo …echo

Step by step

                  I found myself. 

Zakariya Amataya

                                November 29, 2007 


The Factory of Dream

Poem collage brown blue by Pollyannroberts

                                             Poem collage brown blue by Pollyannroberts

The Factory of Dream   

I quest for the poetry

From heaven to earth

Flower with no fragrance

Gun with no bullet

Stick with no fire

Bird with no wings

Factory of dream

Black smoke chimney.  

Tower of imagination

Gray clouded sky

Call of Dervish

Wind in the meadow

Dead yellow butterfly

Restless a young poet

A white dove with broken wings

Shadow of silence voice

A wanderer in Never never land

Across the valley of death. 

Tiny white flower

Wooden pipe of poet

Long road less traveled

Silent season in hell

Last midnight at the unseen village

Pleiades on the horizon

Green hopeless moon

The new day broken

Dew on the grass

World in the drop

Sunset of Istanbul

Black pipe as a nightmare

Lonely red rose dies

Blue summer night

New golden dawn

Sparkling to Tobacco Road.  

Zakariya Amataya  


Head for the kingdom of poetry


Head for the kingdom of poetry

When the stars say goodbye

to the sky,

I see birds flap their wings

and fly.

Some stand by

on a telegraph pole.

My daybreak is early

when the sky seems unclear, full of fog…

I start the day with a cup of black coffee,

Two slices of bread with strawberry jam,

And an orange, acid free,

Then recite Latin American poetry.

                                     Zakariya Amataya

Beyond Darkness and Salvation


                                                               Artwork by Indy box

Beyond darkness and salvation this poem performed on April 2006 at British Council,Bangkok with Francesca Beard a british poet who known as a queen performance. and also publised on  Matichon [Newspaper]

The Soft Opening The Republic of Poetry!

The flower of the republic

                                                             Artwork by Teerapong

The idea of the republic of poetry is inspired by the  poetry of Martin Espada that I have translated this poem which published on ‘The postman of a youngpoet’ my column in Pacarayasara magazine. 

Read a poem The Republic of Poetry  by Martin Espada

Read a Translation สาธารณรัฐกวีนิพนธ์ โดย ซะการีย์ยา อมตยา